Saint prayers are why important

There are so many saint prayers in catholic church . We believe every saints in catholic world. there are thousands of saints in church. These 802 men and women will join the more than 10,000 saints the Catholic Church already venerates. The precise number of Catholic saints will always be debatable.

Catholics are so Unique AND Precious. We all are Jesus followers and should live according to his words. saint prayers are help us to improve our faith in GOD. God our father is the most holy and powerful person in the whole world. During our lifetime we have to live according to his will. We all as God’s children should obey his commands.
Saint prayers are the easiest way to touch God. Remember They can only listen and tell our request to Jesus. Otherwise they can not help us directly. if you have strength Always try to pray to GOD our father. That is the best way to pray. No one can help you without Jesus.

Some people can ask like this??

“How, then, can they listen to and answer thousands upon thousands of petitions made simultaneously in many different lands and in many different languages?

saint prayers
but remember “God, be present everywhere and know the secrets of all hearts?” (Roman Catholicism, 142-143) we do not have to tell God about our requests, our needs he know everything . the thing is we have to respect him so we have to pray. God loves every one and can help to all of you.“For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus” (1 Tim. 2:5).

saint prayers
So Always Ask Jesus what you need. Do not be afraid because we are God’s people. he loves his holy people very much now and always.