Faith, Trust and Hope

Our lives are defined by the experience of invisible, limited, spiritual Truth. Our experience of the Truth is incomplete in terms of what impact is made on our natural mind, namely our temporal, physical limitations for how to know God. Our experience of the Truth is incomplete in terms of what impact is made on our natural heart, namely our ability to give and receive Love.

Our problem is not how to know God but that we do know God yet we are subject to limitations in this life.

The Faith Crisis

Faith, Truth and Hope There is the faith crisis of not knowing God defined in the need for redemption or salvation. But there is also the faith crisis of knowing God defined in the need for progressive sanctification. Or simply put, the believer needs to grow up spiritually in Christ.

This leads to confusion, insecurity and a lack of confidence in the believer who remains spiritually immature. Through Redemption we are already raised from the dead, spiritually speaking.

On the other hand, we must wait for the completion of our resurrection, the exchanging of our mortal bodies for glorified bodies. For the believer, this tension is central to the faith struggle.

We live by what God has accomplished for us yet can only see it by faith.

Wait in Hope

We hope with anticipation for the completion that has been promised to come. With God’s help we will find the invisible spiritual life more visible and the incomplete state of our resurrection more livable, while we wait for the short season that we remain here on earth.

And while we wait we receive and give the Love of God that has been poured into us. If not perfectly, we do so truly.


Faith Turns The Impossible Into Reality


Notice how God creates reality through faith. In Genesis he performed a miracle for Abraham. He made a statement that was humanly impossible but God made it so.

Gen 15:5-6
5 And he brought him forth abroad, and said, Look now toward heaven, and tell the stars, if thou be able to number them: and he said unto him, So shall thy seed be.

6 And he believed in the LORD; and he counted it to him for righteousness. (KJV)

God told Abraham that his physical descendants would be as many as the stars in heaven. Now when this statement was made, Abraham and Sarah were already past the child bearing age.

Nevertheless, God said it would happen. Now what is Abraham to do? He believed God! He acted upon this information. “Believe,” in the Bible, means acting upon what God said to us.

Then what does God do in response to Abraham’s acting upon His statement concerning a child for himself and Sarai. (Abraham’s old age made no difference to God.) When he acted on His word, God did two things.

First, He counted Abraham’s action upon His promise to have children the same as righteousness. (The word righteousness means cleared of all guilt.) Whatever sin may have been in Abraham’s life, this was his freedom from his past. His believing God was counted for the clearance of all the guilt for all his sins.

Of course the second thing God did was give Abraham and Sarah their own, natural child. His name was Isaac. And later, Isaac brought forth Jacob and Esau. You know the rest of the story.

Since God did the above miracle for Abraham, He can do the same thing or greater for us. Nothing is too big for God to do in our behalf.

Find a word in Scripture that is written to the Abrahamic Seed Group and act upon it. (You see, we Christians are grafted into the Abrahamic “blessing” promises right along with Abraham.)

When you act dear Christian, our heavenly father will make it happen. How comforting to know that what God did for Abraham, he can and will do an equal thing for us Christians today to meet our needs also.